August 2015

Floratopia is a collection of new works by the artist, which can be considered as individual pieces but essentially they are a suite of panels designed to conform with one another to form the cycle as they are hung and viewed in the gallery space. Edbrooke’s iconic panels appear to float seductively off the walls, tiny flower heads sunk into glossy resin are set against rich dark backgrounds.The flowers’ lustrous beauty is preserved and their colour gently leaches out into the darkness behind. The work considers ancient Goddess cultures with the suggestion of buddhist manuals, a hint of Shamanistic relics and a nod to religious iconography.   

Through this work we may question Edbrooke’s abstract ideas as we look to the stars searching the intwined metaphorical cycles that the artist wants us to consider, as she attempts to connect her own natural cycles with the patterns of the science of the universe. 

Jenny is represented by Kenton Lowe of the blackShed Gallery



Eufloria 1

Eufloria 2

28 day series edit best


side view

Portraits best

Flora close up rays

Flora Supernova close up

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