Jenny is an Artist working in visual and live art.

Portraits of The Cycles That Bind Us

MA show

This series of 4 paintings depicts the phases of 4 cycles: the Lunar cycle, the lifetime female cycle, the monthly menstrual cycle and the seasons. The work combines philosophy, spirituality, astronomy and feminism in its aim of teaching and celebrating the female cycles in all their glory.

Set in seductively glossy resin these beautifully twee ‘portraits’ function like more weighty and serious fertility charts, yet are as reflective as mirrors. Steeped in ancient goddess cultures with a nod to Buddhist mandalas and a shake at religious iconography these floral portals entice the viewer to imagine the invisible in the black hole that lies at the centre of the work.

Using dried flowers and car spray paint these portraits speak of the cycles that bind us through the unlikely, but wholly plausible connection of microcosmic female cycles that seem to be echoed in the macrocosmic behavior of black holes and the cycles of the universe.

The leap from the female body to the science of Black holes, is admittedly an abstract one, but allows me to draw fascinating and necessary parallels between the cycles of the universe and the natural cycles that are being ignored her on planet earth to detriment of both the scientific communities and society in general. Never one to sit back and allow injustice or complacency to run rife amongst the innocent, I have taken it upon myself to create a collection of work that addresses the current imbalances of male and female energy and attempts to harmonise this issue.

These shiny fantasies of metaphysics and neo- feminism, stay true to their political and spiritual roots whilst embracing kitsch with a self-ridiculing dash of humour and a hint of pop art sexiness.

This collection of work is the beginning of a larger movement in which I intend to strategically roll out a delicate ‘menstrual revolution’ to raise the profile of the female menstrual cycle which encourages women, men, the transgendered and children to move forward in their understanding of cycles that need to be honored in order to create more harmonious and happy lives.

I feel strongly that, once developed, this collection of work should branch out in the form of household collectables; soaps, rugs, whole tea and dining sets, tea towels, matchboxes, table mats, table cloths… This will be developed in accordance with my greater strategy to bring healthy attitudes of female bodies (and in turn our planet and nature) into many homes worldwide.

‘Portraits of The Cycles That Bind Us’

(From The Floratopia Collection)

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